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S-Hook Hardware Kit 100mm

S-Hook Hardware Kit (2 pcs) 100mm

SKU: ASH-300

Category: Hardware

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Gladiator cargo nets offer various types of straps depending upon the style of ute or tray you have. The ASH-100 is the standard strap - used on most trays and vehicles. The ASH-70 is shorter and is used mostly on roof rack cages. The ADH-100 strap is designed to hook underneath the edge of alloy and steel trays. The AHK-100 is designed to be attached onto the round bar of vehicles, the keep stops the hook from coming off even if strap becomes slack. All straps come in packs of 2.
S-Hook Hardware Kit (2 pcs) 100mm

2 straps included per kit. 1.5” Strap S-Hook Hardware Set. This hardware set had the hook is fixed to the end of the strap. The hook has a bigger clasp making it easier to attach to larger applications.



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